Perler Bead preschool art

Perler beads are neat little tube like plastic beads that you can use to create hundreds of mini mosaics and other wonderful art pieces. Rather than string them, you create designs by placing the beads on a plastic peg board base and then iron them for 10-20 seconds which melts the beads together. Preschoolers can make fun shapes, create patterns and explore their own creativity through shape and color. This is a great activity to practice fine motor skills and problem solving too!

perler bead flowers

We made a variety of fun shapes with our Perler Activity Bucket. It came with thousands of beads and a variety of pegboards. We created our own shapes and had fun comparing designs. My preschooler and I even created monograms for ourselves.

Perler Bead project ideas:

  • Create designs using the pre-made peg board shapes.
  • Make your own sorting shapes in a variety of colors.
  • Make letters or numbers.
  • Create pieces you can use to make jewelry.
  • Use your perler bead designs in other crafts and art.
  • Practice color sorting and patterns.
  • Make bookmarks.
  • Make coasters.
  • Make pretty wall or window decor.

fun with perler beads

perler beads and preschoolers


There are endless possibilities and the fun is only limited to how many beads you have. You may see your preschooler spend hours creating with their perler beads. You can find Perler beads at a variety of stores online and off. Check your local hobby store,, Toys R Us, Kmart and other retailers.
Adult supervision and assistance is required for this activity.


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