Popsicle stick scarecrow

Make a super cute scarecrow and add some Fall fun to your activities for the day. You can easily make a pile of these cute guys and then use them for song time, decorating or just for fun.

popcycle stick scarecrow

Download a free scarecrow pattern to use for this project

You need:

  • popcycle sticks
  • fabric or colored paper
  • glue
  • markers

Download the scarecrow craft template

How to make the scarecrow:

  1. Glue two popcicle sticks together in a “t” shape.
  2. While the stick dry cut out the scarecrow pieces and parts. You can use scraps of fabric and/or paper for the various pieces.
  3. Glue the scarecrow pieces in place, let dry.
  4. Draw a face on your scarecrow.

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