Red light green light

red light green lightRed light green light is a quick and easy racing game to play outside. Kids of all ages can join in and there is no limit to how many kids can play at one time. If you have a large space such as a gymnasium, this game could be played inside, you just need enough room for the kids to move.

You need:

  • Space to move
  • 1 red piece of paper or card
  • 1 green piece of paper or card
  • at minimum of 3 players

How to play:

  1. One player is the “light holder” while the remaining players are the racers
  2. The racers line up next to each other
  3. The light holds up the green card and shouts “green light!”
  4. The racers run towards the light holder.
  5. The light then holds up the red card and shouts “red light”
  6. All racers stop moving.
  7. This continues until the first racer reaches the light holder.

You can make this game extra fun by changing the type of movement the racers need to make. Instead of walking, the racers could be required to skip, crawl, walk backwards, etc.

Note: If you’re limited on space, make it a walking game instead of a running game.

1 thought on “Red light green light”

  1. When my kids were younger we played Red Light, Green Light everywhere. By making it a game all the time my kids never hesitated when I would call “red light” before we crossed a road, when they got too far in front of me or I needed their attention.

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