Shape Builder puzzle game – a preschool iPhone app

It’s often difficult to find activities that are both mobile and keep a young child’s attention for longer than 10 minutes. Shape Builder preschool puzzle iPhone game by Touch Screen Preschool Games is one of these rare finds. This game is simple in concept but offers a variety of opportunities to teach your preschooler while they play.

Shape Builder - iphone app for preschoolers

The interaction requires your child to touch a shape and drag it to it’s place in a picture. Each shape is a different color and each picture is a collection of multiple random shapes. The pictures are individual items such as letters, animals, food and musical instruments. Once your child has placed all the shapes in their proper place within the picture, a voice tells what the picture is. We’ve played this game on an iPhone 2 and iPhone 3GS.

This game helps to teach: Letters, shapes, colors, object recognition, problem solving, hand/eye coordination and project completion.

At the time of this writing, there are 3 versions of Shape Builder preschool puzzle game:

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