A is for happy apple coloring page

Happy apple coloring page by Jen Goode

A is for apple, even with a silly smiley worm. Here’s a cute coloring page featuring 3 apples (that bottom one is so cute!). You can use this free printable to talk about the letter A, work on colors (red, green and yellow) or talk about food and fruit. You could even print out this … Read more

Handprint tree for Autumn

Painted handprint tree

Here is a quick Autumn hand print craft the kids will love! You can get a bit fancier with your version of the project by cutting out a tree trunk from construction paper, coloring more in the scene or using more/bolder colors of paint. For this quick project idea we used finger paint and simply … Read more

Fun things to make and do with Apples

Things to make and do with apples

The theme this week for Kid Fun Day is Apples. This is our very first Kid Fun Day project. Sharing with the letter A, and apples seem to represent so many things that imply first, new and getting started. So let’s get started with our apple projects… Apples not only make for some yummy snacks, … Read more

Make your own apple bingo game

Free printable apple bingo game

Here’s a set of free Apple Bingo printables so you can make and play your own bingo game. This set allows for up to 4 players. There are 6 sheets to print out for the complete Apple Bingo set: Game boards and markers: cut out the game board and cut out the individual square game … Read more