Make your own apple bingo game

Here’s a set of free Apple Bingo printables so you can make and play your own bingo game.

Free printable apple bingo game
Free printable apple bingo game

This set allows for up to 4 players. There are 6 sheets to print out for the complete Apple Bingo set:

  • Game boards and markers: cut out the game board and cut out the individual square game markers on the bottom of the page


How to play Apple Bingo

  1. Each player gets a game board and some markers
  2. Place the playing cards face down in a deck
  3. Each player takes a turn drawing one card from the deck.
  4. As each card is drawn, all players check their game board, if they
  5. have a square that matches the current card, they cover the
  6. square with a marker.
  7. The first player to get a full row of covered squares wins.
  8. Only horizontal or vertical covered rows count.

Alternative play options:

  • Allow diagonal rows to count toward winning.
  • Play Black Out! – All squares on a game board must be covered to win.

Extra fun game making ideas:

  • Print out the game pages and let your preschooler paint or color the back side rather than having a plain paper look.
  • Print out the game pages and adhere to colored card stock or recycled cardboard from cereal boxes then cut out pieces for a thicker play set.
  • Cut out each piece and laminate to help protect the game.

Thanks to JGoode Designs for the Apple Bingo game design.

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