Cute tulip clothespin magnet

Tlip clothespin magnet craft

Have you ever seen those cute clothespin frige magnets and wondered how they are made? Here’s a great tutorial to show you how your preschooler can help you make a tulip clothespin magnet. You can use the project sheet as it is to color and cut out or you can use it as a template … Read more

Fun in the garden with preschoolers

mini garden pots for preschool gardening

My preschooler and I have been growing a little garden indoors for just over a month now. We’ve got a garden outdoors, but in Colorado, it’s been much too cold to plant anything yet so we started with seeds and little soil pellets back in early April. Gardening with preschoolers is always a lot of … Read more

Mother’s day craft – cupcake flower vase

Mother's day flowers and vase with cupcake liners craft

Make an adorable vase with cupcake liner flowers for Mother’s day. This project allows for a lot of creativity, yet is easy to make for little hands. Your preschooler will love creating this special gift for Mom. This project is created in two parts, the vase and the flowers. For the flower vase you will … Read more

5 fun flower craft ideas

flower craft projects for preschoolers

Making crafts with a flower theme is always a fun time. Whether you need hand made gift ideas for Mother’s day, want to decorate for a spring fling or just looking to make something pretty, flower crafts are a great activity for all ages. Your preschooler will really enjoy making any of these projects. Coffee … Read more