5 fun flower craft ideas

flower craft projects for preschoolers
flower craft projects for preschoolers

Making crafts with a flower theme is always a fun time. Whether you need hand made gift ideas for Mother’s day, want to decorate for a spring fling or just looking to make something pretty, flower crafts are a great activity for all ages. Your preschooler will really enjoy making any of these projects.

  1. Coffee filter flowers You can make an entire bouquet of pretty paper flowers with these coffee filter flowers.
  2. Rose bud picture frame This is a pretty way to frame up your favorite photos or give as a gift to someone special
  3. Painting flower pots your new handmade flowers need something to display them, why not make a fun decorated flower pot?
  4. Egg carton flowers here’s a cute idea making a pretty little flower bouquet out of an empty egg carton
  5. Handprint tulips a fun flower project featuring tulips from painted handprints.

Our own flower project ideas:

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