The Letter P

P is for pig, popsicle, pencil and pony. The letter P is pretty and fun to polish, and the letter P is perfect for playing with puzzles or pretending to be princesses and policemen. No matter how you want to set it up, the letter P is full of possibilities for teaching and learning with your preschooler.

Learning the letter P
this photo is of things in our own Alphabet Bag

Here are some fun ideas for your letter P themed projects.

Math: Counting pennies

Art: painting, making patterns, pink and purple

Animals: pig, penguin, polar bear, porcupine, panda, pony

Pretend play: Pirates, princess, police

Food: peppers,plums, pizza, pie , punch, pumpkins and popsicles

Events: St. Patrick’s Day, Presidents Day

More P Things: pockets, packages

More fun with the letter P:

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