The Letter P

Learning the letter P

P is for pig, popsicle, pencil and pony. The letter P is pretty and fun to polish, and the letter P is perfect for playing with puzzles or pretending to be princesses and policemen. No matter how you want to set it up, the letter P is full of possibilities for teaching and learning with … Read more

The Letter B

The letter B is for boy and balloon and bear and banana and a whole slew of other great words we know and love. It’s the second letter in the alphabet. There are tons of activities and ideas to help tell teach your preschooler about the letter B. So here we’ll collect those ideas to … Read more

The letter C

The letter c has so many cool and cute things we can talk about all day. There are great crafts we can make and and fun games we can play… all featuring the letter C. Here we share some great activities, food ideas and coloring pages featuring the letter C, perfect for preschoolers. Letter C … Read more

Activites for the letter S

The letter S is the 19th letter of the alphabet, one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. It’s a fun letter to draw and even more to learn to pronounce. There are so many fun words your child can learn to read and write featuring the letter S as well. Featured … Read more