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Fingerprint Art Fall Tree Craft

We love painting with our hands, but usually we make handprint art. This time we tried making a project using just fingers and thumbs. Here is a pretty fall tree you can make too by making fingerprints or thumbprints using paint. My preschooler got a little excited about painting, so after a while she started swirling the painting instead of just fingerprints – finger painting is so much fun!

Fingerprint tree art project for kids

Fingerprint tree art project for kids

Materials you need:

  • Brown paper
  • Paint – red and yellow (optional: orange, purple or green)
  • Scissors

Steps to make a pretty thumbprint art fall tree:

  1. Cut out a tree from the brown paper. Tip: you can fold the paper in half, draw only half a tree along the fold and then cut out the shape. When you open the paper, you should have a full tree. (Save this piece of paper to make a neat coffee filter tree craft).
  2. Place some paint on a paper plate or plastic lid for easy access.
  3. Paint leaves on the tree by placing a finger in the paint and then on to the paper. Make as many finger prints as you’d like.
  4. Let dry.
cut a tree out of paper

cut a tree out of paper

place finger in paint

place finger in paint

make fingerprints on paper

make fingerprints on paper

This project is not only a fun art activity for your preschooler, but they can also explore the textures of paint and paper as well as mixing colors. If your preschooler is not a fan of dirty hands or gets anxious having paint on their fingers, have a damp paper towel close by so they can wipe the paint off as often as they’d like.


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