Fingerprint Art Fall Tree Craft

Fingerprint tree art project for kids

We love painting with our hands, but usually we make handprint art. This time we tried making a project using just fingers and thumbs. Here is a pretty fall tree you can make too by making fingerprints or thumbprints using paint. My preschooler got a little excited about painting, so after a while she started … Read more

Paper Cone Christmas Trees

Paper cone Christmas Trees

Get out the construction paper, glue and piles of embellishments and make paper cone Christmas trees with your preschooler to decorate this holiday season. You can decorate these trees however you like and with whatever you like. Use green construction paper or get creative and use something completely different. These cute paper trees are fun … Read more

Tissue tree craft project

Tissue tree craft project

We love projects using tissue paper! It’s fun to scrunch the tissue and make pictures using all the different colors, so when thinking of ideas for Earth day, a tissue tree seemed appropriate. You only need a few supplies and the picture that results is entirely up to your imagination. Supplies you need: Tissue paper … Read more