Cute flower cookie cutter sandwiches

Do your kids love those ready made lunch kits? Make your own stackable snacks with food right in your own Fridge. Here’s how to make those fun lunches using cute flower cookie cutters.

Cute flower snack sandwiches
Cute flower snack sandwiches

You need:

  • Sliced meat and or cheese
  • Bread slices
  • Cookie cutters

Make it:

  1. Cut out individual shapes from the meat, cheese and bread using the cookie cutters
  2. Eat up!


  • Slightly twisting the cookie cutter after pushing into the food will help release the shape easier
  • Metal cutters work best, but make sure they have a smooth safety edge for little hands
  • If you use plastic cookie cutters, you might have to help press down to get a complete cut
Recommended supplies:

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