April fools day fun

April 1st, or April Fool’s day, is generally known as a day to play pranks or jokes on others. Older kids have fun being sneaky and coming up with sly little tricks to play on friends and family. For preschoolers, the concept isn’t quite that clear and may even be confusing for some. However, April 1st is a perfect day to be silly and have a “Backwards Day”.  Create a day of funny jokes and silliness to share in the fooling of the day.

April Fools backwards day

Make April Fool’s day a fun day, inspire the creativity and encourage your preschooler to use their problem solving skills combined with their imagination to create some giggles in good fun.

Backwards fun ideas:

  • Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
  • Wear shirts backwards or sunglasses on the back of your head
  • Walk backwards (some of the boys might love pretending to be Mater from Cars).
  • Call everyone by their last name instead of first – try saying names backwards.
  • Sit on the floor for lunch instead of at the table.
  • Finger paint with your toes.
  • Paint with noodles.
  • Do a silly dance
  • Make silly instruments and have a silly concert.
  • Make funny masks and wear them on the back of your head
  • Have a discussion about silly.. “what does silly mean?” or “show me what silly is”
  • Have a funny face contest

Extra tip – avoid the urge to say the opposite for backwards day, you could find yourself correcting the “yes means no” concept for days afterward.

What kind of backwards fun will you have today?

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