Easy printmaking

I’ve heard a few people talk about different ways to create a printmaking project using recycled Styrofoam and other foam products. So today, we tried it out. I had saved a packing tray that some meat came packed on and decided this would be the perfect project to use it. Wash the foam tray really well with hot water and soap and then let dry before using. My preschooler drew a pattern into the foam and then applied paint. We made some fun prints using our neat homemade design.

preschool printmaking

Materials you need:

  • Clean, flat piece of packing foam or Styrofoam
  • Ball point pen
  • Paint (poster, finger paint or craft paint all work well)
  • Medium sized sponge brush
  • Paper

How to make foam prints:

  1. Using the pen, draw a design into the smooth side of the foam tray
  2. Apply paint to the foam try with the sponge brush
  3. Carefully place tray, image side down, on a piece of paper
  4. Rub paper to make sure paint is transferred to all areas
  5. Remove tray from paper and VOILA! There’s you beautiful new print.
  6. Let dry

Printmaking with a foam tray:

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