Building with big wood beads

One of our favorite thrift store finds are these fantastic big wood beads. I found these in a plastic bag, the whole bunch was under $2 and it’s given us hours of creative play fun. Each wood block has a hole through the middle so we can use them to practice lacing. Because each bead is so large, they make for great tower building too. This tower was really built by a preschooler… mom just took the photo.

Building towers with big wood beads
Building towers with big wood beads

You could take big beads like this and turn them into a craft project too. Paint them, add glitter or feathers or tissue paper and create something brand new. Or, give your preschooler a shoelace and make a giant necklace they can wear at the next big teddy bear tea party. What would you do with these big wood beads?

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