Things to make and do with cookie cutters

Cookie cutters can come in handy for so many things, especially for preschool projects. They come in so many different shapes and sizes and even enormous sets, the options are nearly unlimited.

Preschool activities to do with cookie cutters
Preschool activities to do with cookie cutters

Here is an idea list of things to create or do using all those cookie cutters.

  • Make cookies (of course)
  • Use cookie cutters with playdough or clay
  • Use as a tracing stencil
  • Use as a stamp with thick paint
  • Create fun food shapes cookie cutter flower sandwiches
  • Play sorting or matching games (match and sort by colors, sizes or themes)
  • Use as a guide for shapes to be cut out
  • Create hanging ornaments with recycled cookie cutters
  • Practice counting or learning letters with number and alphabet cookie cutters
  • Use as props to tell a story or talk about a theme
  • Play a shape guessing game

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