Cute glowing ghost for Halloween

Here’s a quick Halloween project idea you can do with your preschooler in no time at all. This also makes a great Halloween party activity because kids of all ages can make these glowing ghosts and they are very inexpensive to make. You can make any ghost faces you’d like and even use different marker colors. Note: You do need to use permanent markers on the plastic cups.

Glowing Ghosts
Glowing Ghosts

Materials you need:

  • Translucent plastic cups
  • Small glow stick – we used the kind that you bend into a bracelet
  • Black sharpie marker
Glowstick bracelets inside the cup for a glowing ghost
Glowstick bracelets inside the cup for a glowing ghost

How to make glowing ghosts:

  1. Turn the cup upside down and using the black marker, draw whatever face you’d like.
  2. Bend on glow stick so that it activates the glow reaction and then place inside the cup, bend facing out.
  3. Optionally, you can poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, add a string with a knot and hang your ghost where ever you like!
Green glowing ghost
Green glowing ghost


I bought both the cups and glow sticks at Dollar Tree, so was able to make 12 of these ghosts for $2.

Happy Haunting!

9 thoughts on “Cute glowing ghost for Halloween”

  1. Thank you for the great idea. Can yoy please tell me how glow sticks work ? Do they charge by light? do they glow only in the dark? do they have a certain period they glow and then stop.? We don’t have them in greece and I am trying to find something similar…
    thank you

  2. Hi Kiri,

    A glow stick is…. they come in a variety of sizes, but in general they are plastic tubes that when you bend them, the chemicals inside combine and result in a glowing liquid. Usually they only last a day or two, however, some will last longer if you store them in the freezer after they have been activated. You can get paint that “glows” as well. Some glows when it’s been in sunlight for a while. Other paint glows under a “black light” (a purple light bulb), so it’s not really glowing, but appears to. I hope that helps! Does Amazon ship to Greece? Here’s a link to take a look…

  3. Thank you very much. Amazon does ship to greece I will check it out. Thank you again for your time. When we do your project with the boys we will sent you photos !

  4. Fantastic! I’d love to hear how your boys like the glow sticks 😀 The type I used for this project are the bracelets, there’s small and flexible and usually come in a variety of colors in one package. Have fun!

  5. Awesome! We made some ghosts out of plastic ornaments (for Christmas) but this is so easy you could whip up a whole flock of ghosts. Herd of ghosts? Whatever!

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