Cardboard tube monsters

cardboard tube monsters craft

Combine your empty cardboard tubes, such as paper towel and toilet paper, with scraps of paper, felt and googly eyes and you have the makings of some monster crafting fun. Your preschooler will love creating their own not-s0-spooky monsters while you reuse and get creative. You can also combine glitter, markers and other supplies you … Read more

Plastic lid ornaments

Plastic lid ornaments

Use plastic lids from all that holiday entertaining food to make ornaments and play with glitter glue. Plastic does not work well with washable markers, so be prepared to use a permanent marker set for this project. Definitely a project for older preschoolers. Make sure, if you use glitter glue, it isn’t layered on too … Read more

Cute glowing ghost for Halloween

Glowing Ghosts

Here’s a quick Halloween project idea you can do with your preschooler in no time at all. This also makes a great Halloween party activity because kids of all ages can make these glowing ghosts and they are very inexpensive to make. You can make any ghost faces you’d like and even use different marker … Read more

Make a toy guitar out of recycled materials

Recycled box guitar craft

Here’s a fun music craft project your preschooler can play with when the craft is finished. Make a guitar (or bango, violin, etc.) out of recycled cracker boxes and cardboard tubes. Your preschooler can help put the entire piece together and then strum a little tune to finish off the show. Materials you will need: … Read more

Make art with reused gift wrap

gift wrap art

Next time you have a pile of used gift wrap you need to throw out, consider reusing it for an art project. The bright colored patterns and fun designs make great cut outs for preschool art. You can create new pictures, collages, cards to give to others and fun decor to brighten up any room. … Read more