Playing with playdough cans

Every time I see the mini play dough packs on sale I grab a pile, however, as the kids play with the play dough we end up with a pile of empty mini cans. They’re so cute I didn’t want to throw them out, but wasn’t sure what to do with them. We recently discovered they make great stacking toys. With or without the lids your preschooler can create tall towers and fancy pyramids by stacking these little plastic tubs.

play dough can pyramind

play dough can tower

We’ve also played matching and sorting games with the play dough can lids. It’s a little tough if all your lids are different colors, but you could create little picture cards to fit in the center of the lids and play that way too.

Download the free tic-tac-toe game printable.

play dough lid tic-tac-toe

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