Easter Sing-a-ma-jig silliness


Have you seen the Sing-a-ma-jigs? Enter to win 2 of your own, giveaway signup closes April 22, 2011. Sing-a-ma-jigs are funny little plush toys that sing with cute voices as you push their bellies. As I opened the box and my kids peered in with curiosity, the first reaction was giggles on all sides. They’re … Read more

Easter Egg match game

Easter Egg Match Game free preschool printable

Play a little game of Easter Egg Match with this free download Easter egg picture set. Print out 2 sets of pictures, cut out each egg and then have fun with a friend matching pairs. The player with the most pairs wins. You can make your own version of this game by making your own … Read more

Make a cute bunny

cute bunny printable project

For all your happy hoppy bunny fun, here’s a cute little bunny project sheet. You can either have your preschooler color all the bunny parts, then cut and paste together or use this template to cut pieces out of your favorite paper or fabric. You can also use the printout as a guide for making … Read more

Easter Baskets to Make

Easter Baskets to make

Every year I get new Easter baskets for my kids. We usually don’t make baskets for the Easter egg hunts, but I do like to make baskets for decorations. However, I started looking around for great Easter baskets to make and decided, this year I really need to try to make my own. Do a … Read more

Easter Egg Threading Card

Easter egg threading card

Make your own threading card for an extra fun Easter project. Young kids will enjoy decorating their own egg picture. Talk about colors and shapes as they color  their Easter egg. Older children can practice their cutting, hole punching and lacing skills – even try adding extra embellishments like glitter or other cut out paper … Read more