Sorting Easter Eggs

Sorting Easter eggs with plastic Easter eggs

Here’s a super easy activity you can create using plastic Easter eggs and an empty egg carton. Your preschooler will have a great time playing with the eggs while practicing colors or matching similar eggs. All you need are a 12 plastic Easter eggs and an empty, clean egg carton. For a little extra fun, … Read more

Plastic Easter Eggs and Cute Tape

Decorating plastic Easter eggs with tape

I found the cutest mini patterned tape rolls at Michael’s over the weekend and we decided to decorate our plastic Easter eggs with them. The tape comes in packs of 6 in a few different sets. So super cute! We mixed and matched the patterns and played with paper and other fun project ideas. You … Read more

Making hard boiled eggs

peeling hard boiled eggs

My preschooler recently discovered a love for hard boiled eggs. I can’t complain, they make a great snack. I think part of the fascination is that she can peal and cut the eggs herself and she thinks that’s pretty neat. We have a simple egg slicer she can use, but cutting eggs with a kid … Read more