Make A Felt Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Face Play Set

Felt jack-o-lantern play set

Make a felt playset for your preschooler for the Halloween season! Make a variety of eyes, noses and mouths and your preschooler will  have tons of fun creating their own jack-o-lantern faces. You can also use this activity to talk different emotions. You can usually buy individual sheets of felt at craft stores and even … Read more

Making carved pumpkin prints

Cute pumpkin picture made with a real pumpkin for printing

Make a fun pumpkin print using a slice off the side of a pumpkin. We found some cute small pumpkins and decided to use them for a few projects. One was making a pumpkin print. If you slice off the side of the pumpkin, the inside remaining hole is in the shape of a pumpkin … Read more

Recycled box Jack-o-Lantern Halloween craft

cardboard box Jack-o-lantern

Whether you want to paint or glue paper, these pumpkins are super cute and loads of fun for preschoolers to make. You can use different materials to decorate your cardboard box pumpkin including googly eyes, yarn, glitter and even lights. If you want to cut out holes, you could add lights inside. I’d suggest painting … Read more

Easy Halloween finger puppets

Halloween finger puppets

Here is a cute Halloween craft perfect for preschoolers. Using felt and glue you can make some spooky finger puppet characters such as a bat, pumpkin or ghost that will be fun to play throughout the season. Add your own special touches like googly eyes, glitter or draw using fabric markers. We even painted a … Read more