Fun with fish

Oh the fun we can has with cute little fishies! There are so many great games, books and activities we can do and play with fish for preschoolers. Whether you are teaching about colors, sizes relationships, underwater life or just want to share your child’s love of fish, there are a wide variety of projects you can create. Fish live in an entirely different environment from our usual surroundings which make them that much more magical, especially to young children.

fish with fish

Here are some great preschool fish activity ideas:

Five little fishies song: (thanks

Five little fishies, swimming in a pool

The first one said, “The pool is cool.”

The second one said, “The pool is deep.”

The third one said, “I want to sleep.”

The fourth one said, “Let’s take a dip.”

The fifth one said, “I spy a ship.”

Fisher boat comes,

Line goes kersplash

Away the five little fishies dash

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