Fun with fish

Oh the fun we can has with cute little fishies! There are so many great games, books and activities we can do and play with fish for preschoolers. Whether you are teaching about colors, sizes relationships, underwater life or just want to share your child’s love of fish, there are a wide variety of projects … Read more

Make your own fishing game

Make a fun fishing game in 15 minutes and create hours of happy play time! This is a great game to work on a variety of skills and your kids won’t even realize all the great things they are learning. Create fish of different colors and sizes to all for variations in play. You can … Read more

Tuna salad

Tuna fish is an excellent food for healthy eating, it’s packed full of nutrients and vitamins and can be combined in a variety of recipes your kids will love. Tuna salad is an easy recipe to make any time of day and can be eaten with a number of different items. Add in your own … Read more