Free draw princesses

free draw princesses

Sometimes just getting out the markers or crayons and a handful of special stickers is enough of an activity to keep your preschooler busy for a while. This is a photo of a little card my preschooler made for her friend. She used sparkly gem-like crown stickers and markers to make two princesses. Create a … Read more

Stamp pad leaf art

Stamp pad leaf art

I was working on a craft project using some stamp ink and my preschooler discovered she could make her own leaf art using the stamp pads. We used the small stamp pads directly on paper to create a leaf shape. It was really fun to try the different colors in the stamp set and see … Read more

Spaghetti Painting

Spaghetti painting art

Paint isn’t just for brushes, and noodles are no exception. You can make all kinds of fun art using food with your paints and preschoolers gain experience exploring different tools, shapes and textures when they paint with unusual items. For this project we used spaghetti noodles and finger paint. Watch out, the noodles get a … Read more

Painting the letter A

Painting the letter A

Today paint a letter A using objects that start with the letter A. We used washable kid paint and went to town exploring the different patterns and textures each object made as we rolled and stamped them across our letter A picture. I started the picture by drawing a simple letter A and then my … Read more

Make art with reused gift wrap

gift wrap art

Next time you have a pile of used gift wrap you need to throw out, consider reusing it for an art project. The bright colored patterns and fun designs make great cut outs for preschool art. You can create new pictures, collages, cards to give to others and fun decor to brighten up any room. … Read more