Free draw – kitty cat

free draw kitty cat

Here’s a kitty cat my daughter drew when we had some free draw time. She is in a phase of everything she draws looks a little like a person with a cute happy smile. I love them! Sometimes it’s good to just pull out the markers and paper and let the kids create whatever comes … Read more

Coloring with Markers

Preschoolers and Markers

Preschoolers love to color and there are so many different supplies you can use. From crayons and chalk to markers and paint pens, the options for drawing, writing and art creativity are nearly limitless. I recently asked “Do you let your preschooler use markers?” on the Projects for Preschoolers Facebook page. There were a wide … Read more

Wet marker salt art

Wet marker salt art

Grab your washable markers, a spray bottle and some sea salt and you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a fun preschool art activity. You don’t need watercolors or painting skills to make art that looks like a painting. Your preschoolers can have fun coloring, making their own designs and then turning them into magical art … Read more

Sidewalk chalk painting

Sidewalk chalk painting

Get outdoors, draw with chalk and practice painting. Sidewalk chalk is fun activity for preschoolers all by itself. The kids can draw bigger and get a little dirty. Add in some paint brushes and water and you have an art project without the worry of spilled paint. This activity is good for kids of all … Read more

Drawing in Sand

Drawing in colored sand

I’ve seen a ton of articles lately about drawing in sand, practicing drawing letters in colored sand and sensory activities using sand. So, last week when I was at Michael’s I saw jars of colored sand for about $3 so I had to pick up a jar. I grabbed the purple and home we went. … Read more