Wax paper finger painting

Wax paper finger painting

Sometimes our preschooler wants to finger paint and we just don’t have time or the desire for the mess finger paint includes. Or, in the case of my own preschooler, the feeling of sticky paint on fingers isn’t a fun activity. So, here is another option to have fun finger painting without all the paint … Read more

Thumbprint spiders

Make a thumbprint spider

Make these cute and easy Halloween spiders with your preschooler using a thumb and a little paint… super fun! We used different colored construction paper and different colors of tempera paint to make all kinds of spiders. Because this is tiny art, it’s fun to make a whole pile of thumbprint spiders and use them … Read more

Easy printmaking

preschool printmaking

I’ve heard a few people talk about different ways to create a printmaking project using recycled Styrofoam and other foam products. So today, we tried it out. I had saved a packing tray that some meat came packed on and decided this would be the perfect project to use it. Wash the foam tray really … Read more