Painting patterns with water colors

painting patterns with watercolors

Painting with watercolors offers a wide variety of opportunities. You can set the paint out and let your preschooler’s imagination take over, creating whatever they’d like. Some kids struggle with artistic creativity. They don’t know exactly what is right or wrong and they want direction. There is no right or wrong way to create art, … Read more

Painting with Dinosaurs

painting with dinosaurs

If we could invite a dinosaur over to make a little preschool art with us, how do you suppose they would hold that paint brush? I think T-Rex would have a hard time with those tiny arms! We decided to try a little painting with dinosaurs and you can too. Great yourself a pile of … Read more

Splatter painting, fun preschool art

Splatter painting for preschoolers

Art doesn’t need to be fancy nor precise. When it comes to preschoolers, rarely will you get either attribute resulting from their art projects. Instead, aim for art exploration and the opportunity to be creative. One of the easiest activities to help your preschooler share their artistic talents with paint is splatter painting. Jackson Pollock … Read more

Painting rocks

painting rocks

We love hunting for rocks and sticks and bugs, but then what do we do with our found treasures? In my house, we paint our rocks! It’s fun to explore the different rock shapes and then add our own pretty colors, funny faces and colorful patterns with paint. What you need: Rocks Watercolor paints Paintbrush … Read more