DIY matting kids art

DIY matting kids art with fabric

I’m always looking for cute ideas to decorate a room. These kids car art pieces I found years ago as plain art. I wanted to mat them and frame them but didn’t want to spend the cash going to a frame shop. So instead, I bought some ready cut mats at the craft store and … Read more

Make it sparkle: using glitter

Glitter is always a favorite activity with preschoolers because of the “bling” factor. Using Glitter is sparkly and pretty and oh my it can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be a crazy mess. There are a number of options to create crafts with glitter effects without finding flecks of glitter in your hair … Read more

Fun with finger painting

Finger painting fun

Finger painting is a fantastic activity any time of the year. You can make your own finger paints or use a store bought variety. Finger painting encourages youngsters to use their creativity and their hands together while exploring colors and textures. You can also use finger painting as part of a gift project for someone … Read more

Painting rocks

painting rocks

We love hunting for rocks and sticks and bugs, but then what do we do with our found treasures? In my house, we paint our rocks! It’s fun to explore the different rock shapes and then add our own pretty colors, funny faces and colorful patterns with paint. What you need: Rocks Watercolor paints Paintbrush … Read more