9 dinosaur crafts and activities

Dinosaurs are always a favorite theme for preschoolers. They are creatures that amaze, excite and inspire wonderful stories and imaginative play. You can easily fill a week long theme with a variety of dinosaur crafts and activities to entertain and teach your preschooler. Here are 9 great dinosaur project ideas to get you started. More … Read more

Read Let’s Look: Dinosaurs

Let's Look: Dinosaurs book

Here is a wonderful book all about dinosaurs and written just for preschoolers. Let’s Look Dinosaurs is filled with bright, detailed pictures and written to engage. Some pages include “I spy” mini images to look for throughout the specific page while other areas ask questions or spotlight related items. I found my kids asking their … Read more

Painting with Dinosaurs

painting with dinosaurs

If we could invite a dinosaur over to make a little preschool art with us, how do you suppose they would hold that paint brush? I think T-Rex would have a hard time with those tiny arms! We decided to try a little painting with dinosaurs and you can too. Great yourself a pile of … Read more