5 every day recycled craft supplies

Recycled items for crafting

Crafting can become an expensive activity, especially with the amount of paint, glue, glitter and even paper preschoolers love to use. Instead of always buying new supplies for projects, look around the house and you’ll find loads of crafting fun right in your own home. Recycle containers, cardboard and other items to reuse as in … Read more

Organizing crayons

Keeping crayons and other coloring supplies organized will enable your preschooler to easily put them away themselves. Even children as young as 2 and 3 can learn to care for their own belongings if given the opportunity. Instead of storing crayons in their original cardboard box or a zippered pencil bag, try finding a small … Read more

Preparing yarn for threading

All types of projects and activities call for threading or stringing. If you try to string beads or a craft project with yarn that’s just been cut, the end will fray and the fun will be over. It’s really easy to prevent the fraying by simply preparing the end of the yarn with a bit … Read more