Baby Penguins Everywhere!

all these baby penguins - so cute!

Penguins, penguins, everywhere… well, not really in my home, but there are penguins everywhere in this adorable book by Melissa Guion. Baby Penguins Everywhere! is about having fun together but also remembering to make time for quiet alone time too. I think you’ll love this fun little adventure and you’ll adore the super cute penguin … Read more

Happy Feet Two movie review

Happy Feet Two movie poster

We LOVE penguins in this house so naturally Happy Feet Two s on the MUST see list. We weren’t able to catch the show on opening day, but we did check it out shortly after. There’s all the dancing and singing we fell in love with in the first Happy Feet. The second movie has … Read more

Make a penguin

make a penguin

There are some great simple tutorials about how to draw penguins on and looking at the illustrations I thought this would also make a great “make a penguin” project. Instead of drawing the penguins, use this guide to cut out your own pieces to make your own penguins out of construction paper. You need … Read more