Coffee Filter Painting

Coffee Filter Painting

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most fun ideas. Coffee filter painting is a great project your preschooler can virtually without any help at all and you can turn the colorful art pieces into other projects when the painting is all finished. If you’re preschooler can hold a marker and a paintbrush, they’re ready … Read more

Colorful recycling, making crayons

recycled crayons

If your crayon box looks anything like mine, you might be listening to the kids beg for new crayons on a regular basis. They aren’t shiny nor new, so for some reason they just aren’t fun anymore. Brighten up the coloring view by making your own fun new crayons – recycling the old used crayons … Read more

Fun with finger painting

Finger painting fun

Finger painting is a fantastic activity any time of the year. You can make your own finger paints or use a store bought variety. Finger painting encourages youngsters to use their creativity and their hands together while exploring colors and textures. You can also use finger painting as part of a gift project for someone … Read more