Art projects and ideas

It’s so much fun to watch preschoolers explore their own creativity through art. Offer a little paint, a brush and an afternoon of free time and it’s amazing what beautiful stories will begin to flow on to the paper. Some preschoolers prefer a little encouragement or idea inspiration to get going while others will grab the brush and go. Art is about expression and perspectives; there is no right nor wrong with art. Here are some preschool art projects and ideas to inspire creative play time with your own preschoolers.

Preschool Art projects and ideas

Heart Art
Sponge Painting Heart Art
Make art with David Tutera's card making supplies
Preschool Art with David Tutera’s 1-2-3 Paper Crafts
Fingerprint tree art project for kids
Fingerprint Art Fall Tree Craft
free draw kitty cat
Free draw – kitty cat
Toothpick art collage
Toothpick art collage
Rice Art activity for preschoolers
Rice Art
Wet marker salt art
Wet marker salt art
Sidewalk chalk painting
Sidewalk chalk painting
Coloring on popsicle sticks with markers
Color on popsicle sticks
Coffee Filter Painting
Coffee Filter Painting
Button art
Pretty button art
Wax paper finger painting
Wax paper finger painting
Painted Footprint Butterfly
Butterfly Foot Prints
Handprint Angel Art
Handprint Angel Art
Leaf rubbing art with preschoolers
Leaf Rubbing art
Handprint bat painting
Handprint bats
Make a thumbprint spider
Thumbprint spiders
Handprint ghost
Hand print ghosts
free draw princesses
Free draw princesses
Stamp pad leaf art
Stamp pad leaf art
Spaghetti painting art
Spaghetti Painting
Painting the letter A
Painting the letter A
gift wrap art
Make art with reused gift wrap
cereal paintings
Muffins, art and Malt-O-Meal cereal
glitter doodle quick art
Glitter doodling quick art project
Foamie art
Craft foam sticker art
painting patterns with watercolors
Painting patterns with water colors
painting with dinosaurs
Painting with Dinosaurs
perler bead flowers
Perler Bead preschool art
Splatter painting for preschoolers
Splatter painting, fun preschool art
preschool printmaking
Easy printmaking
Making stained glass tissue hearts
Pretty stained glass tissue paper hearts
Painted handprint tree
Handprint tree for Autumn
Cereal bags for art projects
Recycling tip: cereal bags for art projects
make a penguin
Make a penguin
Potato stamp art
Create art with potato stamps
painting rocks
Painting rocks

Preparing watercolor paints for painting

Finger painting for everyone